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January 17, 2005

Ron Lueck:
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 Press Release
It’s Home!

Aerocomp reached a significant milestone today after flying its new all-composite, single-engine Comp Air Jet back to the 3,500 foot, Merritt Island airport following months of exhaustive flight-testing at Titusville Airport. Titusville was selected for the initial flight test program because of its long and multiple runways. It’s much easier to test aircraft when there is a choice of runways and with four named hurricanes that passed through Florida this year, causing unpredictable winds, it was a perfect location to begin flight tests. Titusville often has light traffic as well. Even with the storms, we managed to log more than 30 hours of flight testing this unique new jet.    

 MERRITT ISLAND, FL – January 11, 2005 – Aerocomp Inc. Flight-Testing Continues. 

 At 2:30 p.m. (EST) today, and following several flight-test landings and takeoffs, Ron Lueck decided it was time to fly the Comp Air Jet home to the single, 3,600’ runway at Merritt Island. He informed the tower at Titusville that he would not be making another landing but would, instead, be flying the jet back to Merritt Island. Aircraft N41861 then took off from Titusville for its flight home to Merritt Island Airport.

 Aerocomp’s Steve Young congratulated his partner/test pilot while thanking Aerocomp’s team – on hand to witness the landing back at Merritt Island – who had worked hard to make this milestone a reality. This is an important day for Aerocomp, since its factory is on Merritt Island. Work can now continue on the flight-test program, as can finalization of the Comp Air Jet’s systems installations. Paint and interior work will get underway, as well.


Comp Air Jet Maiden Voyage 

July 20, 2004

It flies! were Ron Lueck’s words after emerging from the plane. 

My first impressions after the maiden flight of the Comp Air Jet were very positive and encouraging.  Although the gear was not retracted on this flight we still saw speeds of 157 knots at 92% n1.  Pitch, roll and yaw control were positive and harmonious making the big plane easy to handle.   

The flight departed from Merritt Island Airport.  It circled the airport then proceeded to the Space Coast Executive Airport where the longer runway was chosen for the first landing.  After 37 minutes and one missed approach the jet landed.  The landing took about 2000 feet.   

This jet was designed to be a “poor” man’s corporate jet, the CAJ offers seating for 8 and a cruise speed of 320 knots.  With a fuel load of 650 gallons the CAJ should have a range of over 1250 nm.   

We will have more details later as flight testing progresses.  Please visit our website for updates.



800 Kemp Street, Merritt Island, FL 32952 USA
Phone/FAX: 1 (321) 453-6641

February 11, 2002

For Immediate Release

Merritt Island, Florida

"Can Do" -- It's more than just an attitude or a catchy phrase at Aerocomp Inc. Co-owners Steve Young and Ron Lueck are well known for their ability to accomplish things only dreamt of by others. Perhaps the proximity of their Florida facilities to Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center has something to do with their "out-of-this-world" thinking.

Many people consider the big turboprop-powered Comp Air family of kit-built airplanes to be the "ultimate" in American "amateur-built experimental" aircraft. But now, from the revolutionary team at Aerocomp Inc. comes the latest in a series of kits that expands the envelope for kit-builders even further. Rumors on the street that Aerocomp was cooking up "something big for 2002" have now been confirmed.

Here's a preview of the exciting new 2002 "Comp Air Jet" by Aerocomp Inc.

The "CA-J" is a jet-powered kit-built airplane that closely resembles a modern corporate jet. Some have compared the profile of the CA-J to a "scaled-down Citation" in appearance. With seating for 8 and a projected cruise speed of 400 mph TAS @22,000', this sleek new low-wing airplane will radically change most people's idea of a kit-built airplane. Utilizing a proprietary carbon-fiber hybrid sandwich, Aerocomp's extensive experience with molded composite airplanes shines through in the revolutionary CA-J.

Boasting an impressive 8900 lb. max. gross takeoff weight and a projected 4500 lb. empty weight, useful load on the finished CA-J is expected to be in the 4400 lb. range. With 480 gallons fuel capacity, Aerocomp expects the airplane to have a range of about 1100 sm. This is an airplane that can "get the job done". The pressurized cabin will be capable of maintaining 10,000' cabin altitude to the airplane's 29,900' service ceiling. Like it's piston and turboprop-powered siblings, the CA-J also boasts ample headroom and legroom in its comfortable 70" tall (68" wide) cabin.

The CA-J will be powered by a single factory-remanufactured 3000 hr TBO AI-25 Jet (Bypass) engine rated for 3400 lbs. takeoff thrust (2500 lbs. cruise thrust). Fuel consumption in cruise configuration is 160 gph. This is the same Russian-built engine that has proven itself over the years in the popular L39 Albatross, Yak 40, etc.

For those who prefer a North American-built engine, the CA-J has been designed to accommodate existing P&W JT12-8 or CJ610 powerplants with minimal modification. And when they become available, future Williams or Agilis engines also promise to be attractive powerplant options for the Comp Air Jet.

The first CA-J factory-demonstrator prototype is expected to make its debut this summer at the EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) Fly-in 2002. Aerocomp is planning to begin the first kit deliveries as early as the 1st Quarter of 2003 (next spring). Options on those first delivery positions will become available for the first time this year at EAA Sun 'n Fun 2002 in Lakeland, FL (April 2002). Target price of the complete kit (including powerplant and all quick build options) has been set at only $349,900. Aerocomp expects most builders to install pre-wired glass avionics panels for an additional $49,900 and to hire professional assistance as outlined in AC 20-139 during assembly of the major portion of the aircraft (including powerplant installation, upholstery, and paint). Finished CA-J aircraft are expected to be flying for an out-of-pocket total of only $550,000 to $600,000, within as little as six to eight months after kit delivery.

For more information, visit the Aerocomp Inc. booth at the EAA Sun 'n Fun Fly-in (Lakeland, FL – April 7-13, 2002), or contact them at 800 Kemp St., Merritt Island, Florida USA 32952. Tel/FAX: 1.321.452.7168;

Aerocomp's new Comp Air Jet will be available soon.

Kit Manufacturer

Aerocomp Inc.


Comp Air Jet




400 mph TAS @ 22,000 ft


Carbon Fiber Hybrid


AI-25 Jet (Bypass)


3000 hours (factory reman.)

Takeoff Thrust

3400 lbs.

Cruise Thrust

2500 lbs.

Fuel Capacity

700 gallons

Fuel Consumption

160 gph (cruise)

Service Ceiling

29,900 feet



Kit Price

$499,900 including engine

Finished Cost Est.

$550,000 to $866,000








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Press Release ............
Aerocomp Inc. Announces
-Orders taken for aircraft at Sun 'n Fun 2005, including a CompAir Jet, CompAir 12 and CompAir 8 Aircraft-

Merritt Island, Florida, April 25, 2005 (Click Images for more pictures) Aerocomp Inc. owners Steve Young and Ron Lueck, are pleased to announce orders taken for several aircraft at the Sun 'n Fun 2005 air show. Aerocomp's new Single Engine Jet was a big hit at the show and is the winner of what we termed the "DEAD GRASS Award," meaning the aircraft with the most dead or brown grass in front of it - a good indicator of the huge amount of spectators wanting to see our new jet. The CompAir Jet pleased the crowds yet again when Ron Lueck flew the aircraft down the runway at 240 kts while departing the airport.

(Click Images for more pictures) Aerocomp is in the process of conducting additional flight tests. Nevertheless, Aerocomp is now accepting deposits. The price of the CompAir Jet will remain at $449,000 for the first 10 aircraft and will increase to $499,000 thereafter. There are only three more positions left before the adjusted price takes effect. We are now taking orders for this exciting new aircraft. The CompAir Jet is an entirely new concept of kit-built aircraft, which puts this high-performance jet squarely on the top of the experimental industry- at an affordable price.

If you have questions about this press release or client, please contact us: Bill Fedorko, Cell 310-739-4436 Office; 321-453-6641 or
compjet Editors: We will now be taking requests for flight test demonstrations. Please email me at: or Please visit our web site for more information on all our products.

About Aerocomp Inc.

Aerocomp Inc., a manufacturer of kit airplanes having 2 to 10 seats was among the first kit companies to begin utilizing turbine power for their kits. Aerocomp is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the United States and has shipped over 500 kits world- wide.


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