COMP AIR 7 Turbine

Comp Air 7 Turbine - 1st Test Flight, piloted by Ron Lueck

A true "pilot's airplane", the Comp Air 7 Turbine caters to pilots looking for an airplane that combines raw performance with rugged utility. If you possess a genuine "thirst for thrust", this is the airplane for you. This is the airplane for pilots who want to play hard, and yet who also want to be able to take grandma and the kids for a pleasant cross-country flight.


Comp Air 7 Turbine. Photo Credit: EAA 1999 Koepnick

Photo Credit:
EAA 1999 Koepnick

When you're playing, this airplane is FUN!

You'll be the envy of pilots at every airport you visit. The Comp Air 7 Turbine is unmatched in its class for speed, climb capability, and ease of handling.

The long nose says it all. This is an airplane that will easily leave the crowd far behind. The powerful, rugged, Czech-built Walter 601 turbine engine swings a massive three-blade AVIA propeller. Designed originally for the brutal conditions of commercial operations in Siberia and the Russian bush, the Walter is a powerplant that's built to last, with minimal maintenance.

Some pictures of a customers plane from a photo shoot at Merritt Island Airport


Feb 2001 Private Pilot Magazine And the fact that the Walter turboprop easily produces the equivalent of 657 HP turns the Comp Air 7 into an airplane with capabilities that thrill fighter pilots, airline captains, and other airborne "power junkies". When you want to have fun, the sporty handling and impressive performance capability of the Comp Air 7 Turbine is what you're looking for.

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- featured article in Feb 2001 Private Pilot magazine-

The roomy interior, comfortable seats, and large instrument panel
make this a comfortable cross-country aircraft for business or pleasure  — and with up to 7 seats, you can take the whole family.

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