The CompAir 8 SS52 at our booth in Sun 'n Fun

The CompAir Jet sitting on the War bird ramp at Sun 'n Fun, sitting next to a pair of

Cessna Citations. It doesn't take long to realize how big our jet really is. You don't

have to climb inside to know that you have a whole lot more headroom than the

Citations in the background.


"Dead Grass Award" Winner CompAir Jet. We walked the grounds of Sun 'n Fun to see

how dead the grass was at the entrance to their products. As you can see by the picture

above, after we moved our jet out of the booth, we had the most brown grass. We win!



CompAir8 SS52 in flight going home from Sun 'n Fun


To see the CompAir Jet flying back to Merritt Island Airport click here