Walter M601D Turboprop
"Firewall Forward" Engine Package
for Comp Air Turboprops

Walter M601D Turboprop Firewall-forward Package

Turbine engine reliability and performance is now available for pilots of private aircraft. Built in the Czech Republic, the Walter M601 powerplant has earned an enviable reputation for outstanding reliability and durability among Let 410 (19-seat commuter) operators in harsh Siberian, African, South American, and Eastern European regions. As the commercial operators upgrade to the newer Walter M601 E-11 series, their used M601D powerplants have recently become available for use in sport and recreational airplanes. Comp Air Inc., is pleased to be able to offer these powerplants to Comp Air builders looking for phenomenal performance and maximum utility, at prices that are competitive with high performance reciprocating engines.

Package Includes:

The Walter M601 is a dual-shaft reverse-flow free turbine turboprop engine. The gas generator section consists of two axial and one centrifugal compressor stages, an annular combustion chamber, and a single stage axial compressor turbine. The power section consists of a single stage axial power turbine, exhaust system, and a two stage planetary reduction gearbox (15:1) with torque meter. Engine starting is accomplished using a combination starter-generator and electronic ignition (dual low voltage torch igniters), with an optional auto start system available. An accessory gearbox with integral oil tank is mounted on the rear of the engine. Propeller is an AVIA 3-blade (or optional 5-blade) full-feathering constant speed propeller with reverse.

The Walter M601 was originally designed for use in remote parts of Russia and Siberia. Rugged durability with minimal field maintenance requirements were top priorities. The engines have been widely used in twin-engine LET 410 aircraft for commuter and cargo operations. Unlike some turbo-prop engines, "hot section inspections" between overhauls are not required with the Walter 601. Maintenance between overhauls consists primarily of filter and screen cleaning, compressor wash, oil change, bore scope inspection, igniter replacement, and testing/calibration.

The recommended time before overhaul ("TBO") of Walter M601 engines is defined by "cycles" (engine starts), flight time, and calendar time. Factory recommended TBO intervals vary from 2250 to more than 20,000 cycles (depending on type of service and engine series), from 1500 to 3000 hours flight time, and from 5 to 8 years calendar time between overhauls. Comp Air recommends complete IRAN engine reconditioning at 1500 hour intervals, with periodic 300 hour inspections (oil change, filter/screen cleaning, compressor wash, bore scope inspection, etc.).

Walter M601D Spec Table

Firewall Forward Engine Packge
Complete IRAN "Firewall Forward" engine package


Walter M601D  Powerplant Options Available
• Deluxe Stainless Steel Baffle Kit $2,082
Ceramic Coated Extractor Exhaust $4,870
• Turbine Exhaust and Intake Covers (fabric muffs) $690
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